Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Cousin Love

My youngest cousin Joaquin is almost four years old and he'll remind you every five minutes if you spend enough time with him which I did this past weekend for Easter. There is an 18 year gap between us and yet we have so much in common.

He loves music, Spongebob, Disney and computers, all of which I enjoy three out of the four (Sorry Spongebob). He is full of so much energy and of course I was put in charge of preoccupying him so he wouldn't get into too much trouble.

Instead of letting him wreak havoc at my parent's house, I busted out my laptop and showed him the PhotoBooth application that comes standard on all Macbooks. He fell in love. I showed him how to click the track-pad and take a picture and the next three hours of the evening went by in a flash.

He took about two hundred pictures and posed for each one. The only time he complained was when he asked me to change the effect and/or background. These were my favorite, and let me remind you he took each one on his own and I would love to know what was going through his little head.

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