Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tube Sock Shirt Tutorial

It's that time of year again. The time of year when the leaves on the trees begin to fall. The crisp cool air nips at your nose when you step outside. Your puppies or kitties shiver uncontrollably because the fall season has arrived.

The past few days and nights my 9lb dachshund has shivered nonstop thanks to the cold air. Even though he's obviously covered in fur, he has shorter hair and so his smooth coat hardly keeps him warm enough when playing outside.

What to do? What to do? Aha! I have a pair of tube socks I've never been able to fit (thanks to inheriting my Dad's big feet). Here is a tutorial to make your small breed bebe a tube sock shirt to keep them warmer this fall season.

What you'll need:
- An old (or new pair) of tube socks (knee highs work well too)
- Scissors, sewing pins, a pen or marker, measuring tape, a straight edge or ruler
-Sewing machine
-About 30 minutes of free time

Oh yea, you'll need a willing pup to be measured and who needs a shirt.

Step 1: Measure pup.
From neck to tail
Around the neck + 1/2"
Around chest + 1/2"

Step 2: Match up socks. You can use mismatching socks as long as they are the same length. One thing to make sure of is that they are stretchy. You want to use stretchy socks so that they fit around your pup and will not be constricting.

Step 3: Cut down the seam of the sock. If your socks are older and well worn, iron them to create a crease down the back. Stop cutting when you reach the heel of the sock. Only cut down one side.

Step 4: Cut along the edge of a straight edge or ruler at the end of the "tube" and above the bend and heel of the sock.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 to the other sock.

Step 6: If this shirt is for a boy dog you will need to cut the under side about 3 inches shorter then the top. For girl dogs it's fine to leave them both the same length. As you can tell I have a dachshund so the top will be longer regardless. This step can be customized to how long or short you want the shirt to be.

Step 7: Use your measuring tape to measure the top of your pups collar to their air and make the proper marks on the bottom of the tube sock. You can make the arm holes a little smaller as they do stretch out once worn.

Step 8: Repeat step 7 and cut a half circle from one mark to the other.

Step 9: Divide the measurement of your pups neck by half and + 1/2" and make the proper marks. For example my pups neck measurement 12" so the mark sure be 6.5". Slightly trim the excess sock from the top of the armhole to the neck opening.

Step 10: Pin both the of sides wrong side facing out and begin sewing. Please remember to not sew the arm holes shut. You can sew a seam around them if you do not want them to stretch out. I leave them without a seam so they can stretch.

Step 11: Once done sewing pin the edges of the top back to create a thin seam. Please note that some socks tend to curl regardless of the seam. You can choose to curve the ends or leave them square like I did. Also, you can skip this step if you want as it's just to make it look more finished.

Finished product. Flip inside out and put it on your freezing bebe.

He loves it. He's just trying to bask in the sun.


Ashlee said...

your puppy looks so cute in stripes.

Sara said...

OMG!!! I have a weenie dog too!!!! I HAVE to make him a little striped outfit too!! That is SO DARN cute!!! :) So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Your little guy is adorable.

Jones Morris said...

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