Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sewing, sewing, and MORE sewing!

Vintage Accent pouch

Looky what I made today. I made two handmade pouches just because I wanted to learn how to sew zippers better.
Vintage Accent pouch
I love this fabric I picked up at Joann's Fabrics. It only came in a fat quarter I wish they had larger yardage.

Retro Lining
I love the contrast between subtle outside coloring and the more drastic inner lining.

Gorgeous Green Pouch
I made another version with green hues.

Again the inside is a bolder color and print. Personally I like the simplistic outside with a quirky colorful inside. It gives the pouch more character.

Green Lining

I love the Skip to my Lou blog and website because the tutorials are so easy to follow and customizable. I didn't have a zipper foot to work with but made the tut still work for my needs. There are so many tutorials to choose from so take a look. I was amazed that it only took me about an hour from start to finish to make both pouches with only two seam rips and about fifteen minutes figuring out how to sew over the zipper.

Here's a link to the lined zipper pouch tutorial.


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