Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello Etsy

This is what has been happening the last few days...

1. Wake up. Get ready. Go to work.
2. At work- scan stuff, look at Etsy.
3. Still working- break time, look at Etsy.
4. More working- lunch, check out Etsy again.
5. More scanning- check email, look at Etsy.
6. Go to class- check email, look at Etsy, type notes, look at Etsy, pay attention to instructor, look at Etsy.
7. Go home, eat dinner, sew, look at Etsy, check email, pet puppies while looking at Etsy.
8. Go to bed.

I have been addicted to Etsy. I have noticed that the craftier someone is the more often they check out Etsy or their Etsy shop in a day. I love seeing the front page and watching the updates of the newly listed wares and it makes me so excited to think I am finally getting my crafty groove back.

I see all these sewing projects and tutorials and think, "I can do that." I go home and do it! I've sewn more in the past week than I have in an entire year. Honestly, I could not be happier. The sewing machine and I have become best friends and just yesterday I made time to update my old Etsy shop.

There aren't any new products just yet, but soon. I promise this. Check out the new banner I managed to whip up yesterday evening after class.

Love it! I can't wait to start posting new projects and items to my inventory.

Hello Etsy. I have missed you so.

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