Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poor Baby Brutus

Last night at about 1:27am Brutus woke up screaming his head off and holding his arm to his chest. Justine and I immediately woke up and grabbed him out from under the covers. He continued to stare us blankly in the eye screaming and crying. Once we noticed he had in some way, shape or form hurt his arm, I began to rub it. He still continued to cry.

I asked if Justine had rolled over on him or if he fell from the bed. She did not squish him, and he had not fallen. We started blankly at each other baffled as to why he would awake screeching like a howler-monkey.

After about five minutes of moving, pushing, poking on his arm it seemed to "hurt" him but nothing we did caused further pain. He snuggled up close to my side and fell back asleep and Justine and I decided his arm must have fallen asleep from him laying on it and it freaked him out.

This morning when I woke up, about 6:30am, Brutus was still nursing his arm and holding it next to his body. For the next few hours he refused to walk, and if he did move, he hobbles. After work at about 1:30pm I went to Walmart, bought him some baby aspirin. As I take a moment from packing for Disneyland, Brutus is now laying on the bed sleeping like a baby, BUT every now and then he remembers his arm hurts and starts to whine and hold it up.

I honestly think he's pretending and just doesn't want Justine and I to go to Disneyland without him.

Poor Baby Brutus indeed.

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