Monday, January 12, 2009

Mission: Organization!

Hello loves, I haven't been around because I was in Disneyland for a week and last week I was settling into 2009. This year I vowed to be a better me.

To start things off I am in the process of planning and completing Mission: Organization! Our house is ran by puppies and crafts. I need to prioritize big time. While I have two weeks left in my winter vacation, I plan some big changes and improvements.

My first plan of attack for Mission: Organization! is the bedroom. Tomorrow I don't have any work so I will be waist high in clothes and bedding. Because we no longer have a walk-in closet (boo) this task is a bit more daunting as we have a very small amount of space and tons of clothes and shoes. TONS. Oh and puppy toys and blankets, and pillows and boxes from our last house.

Oh man. This is going to be tough.

My closet will never look like that. But I sure am going to try!

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