Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school

Hey everyone. Today officially started off my fall semester here at Sacramento State University. I am a Junior (wow I feel kinda old) and I have nothing but upper division major related classes for once! Woohoo! I still have two more G.E. classes but I'm saving those for the spring semester.

Already I've ran into two of my fellow Apple interns and a friend from Sierra High School. He was not in my graduating class but we used to "hang out" in our calculus class. He's out here living with another one of my old friends from high school. What a small world? Not really I'm sure since Sacramento is only an hour away from Manteca but you get the point.

This semester I feel that I lucked out with my classes, nothing seems so daunting that I don't think I'll succeed. The upside about this semester is that I only have to buy two textbooks so far. The downside is that I have to purchase a FlipVideo for one of my classes that does not require a book. Apparently I got myself into a blogging class, in which obviously we will be blogging once a week until the semester is over. The instructor asked that we purchase the FlipVideo for a mere $149+tax. WHAT?! I'm already in progress of searching for a cheaper one online and what I've gound so far is $119 cheapest. The search will continue. Most of the classes are related around the internet and computers so I'm pleased to say that I am on my way to being the web designer I've always wanted to be.

Oh good news about the business. I've come up with some really cute concept for some sewing pins. Tomorrow will have an updated blog post about the new items. I'm really excited and for all you sewers out there there will be a GIVEAWAY!! Woohoo!

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