Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What a Hawk

On Sunday of the weekend past, I took Ralphie to Petsmart down the street. It was about time he had another shave. A few months ago Justine and I took Ralphie to Petsmart to get is very first real haircut. Sure, he's gotten trims and what not but as far as a full fledged shave, he had yet to receive one until late April. For a Pomeranian there are two hairstyles to pick from when it comes to summer cuts- the "fox" (an entire shave from ears to tail) or the "lion" (keep the head and chest fur "mane" and tail but shave the rest between). We asked Ralphie (yes we talk to our pups) and we opted for the lion style. 2 months went by and his hair poofed back out to it's fullness, but because the weather has been reaching over the 100s, it was time for a new doo.

I dropped him off at the hairstylist at 12:30pm and didn't hear back for 3 whole hours. About 3:45pm I received a phone call to come pick this handsome boy up. This time around we asked for a little extra to keep things interesting. We asked the hairstylist for a mohawk. Yes you read correct- a mohawk. How? Easy. Leave a strip down his back that is long enough to stand up on its own. When I picked Ralphie up I was in shock and in awe. I was shocked that she could pull it off and make my baby boy look like such a rocker punk puppy and in awe because he looked so darn adorable.

So without further a-do check out Ralphie Edwin's new summer doo!

Till next time. Stay cool.

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cheyennejack said...

Nice. Mohawk Dogs Rock! Check out this little guy from the mohawk social network. You should put your dog on there too. Tried to embed the picture but it wouldn't work

Dog with Mohawk


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