Friday, June 27, 2008

House Update

Hello All, 

I have been busy busy with work (like always) and I have not had much time do much of anything really, especially crafting. Which does make me sad because as much as it may be stressful at times, crafting is a way of relaxation for me. Not only does work take up much of my time as of late, I have been actively searching for a house to rent. Justine, Stephanie and I have come to the conclusion that we do, in fact, need a large place to reside. Our 900 square foot apartment is no longer cutting it. Not only do we have to share this 900 sq. ft with each other, but also we share the space with Justine and my two puppies (Ralphie and Brutus). Even though they weigh about 9lbs each, they seriously take up so much room with their toys, puppy beds and pee pads. 

So we have been facing some issues, mostly with the agencies that are renting out the houses, they are either too busy or simply do not feel the need to return my phone calls or e-mails. We might have better luck with just finding a home to rent from the actual home owner. So far we have a weekend filled with tours of houses  that I am really looking forward to. I have always enjoyed walking through other peoples homes and imaging my things inside. Stephnay will be joining me, but Justine has to work so I will be taking TONS of pictures of houses. There is a house that is about 5 minutes north of our current apartment and it seems nice enough. The main street in the neighborhood is a little rough looking, but once you turn the corner the side streets are far nicer. Of course, like the last house we seen we are keeping our fingers crossed on this one. 

The houses that we are looking for need to have an extra room for my work. Since I work from home now I would like a nice quiet office that I can focus on work and separate myself from the chaos I like to call the "casa." The extra room would actually double as a CRAFT STUDIO! YES! I would take the smallest "bedroom" of the house and use it as my private craft studio and work office. I am really looking forward to having an actual craft studio. How awesome would that be? I go on Flickr all the time and search for other craft rooms and I get all warm and fuzzy inside. The walls of my dream craft room are not white or beige, but instead a bright cheery color. Probably teal or aquamarine (my birthstone color and favorite). Also, I would have shelves and large tables and crazy rugs on the floor and bright pictures on the walls. Just thinking about it I'm getting goosebumps. Really though, I should not be getting my hopes  up, but a girl can dream can't she? 

Wish us luck!


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