Sunday, May 11, 2008

Second Saturday Taken OVER

Hello lovelies!

I know I have been lacking in updating on the blog, but the semester is almost out and so I will be back on the ball in no time!

Let me bring you all up to speed for a moment---

In the past month I have come to the realization that I would like to make my business a real creative business. No more of this "hobby" and "weekend warrior" trade, but a real thriving business. So I am on my journey to take this little baby business to a big full grown craftastic entrepreneurship. I welcome you all on this adventure with me, and your support is greatly appreciated. The book, Craft Inc., written by Meg Mateo Ilasco is absolutely fantastic and ever so helpful. I have not completed the entire book, but so far it has helped me to focus and crack down and move along this journey. Let the games begin!

Ok back to reality, this past month I have gone to several vending events, Down to Earth (a craft event I helped coordinate with my fellow craftistas KayTea and Amy of PeptoGirl), Baz Biz (I actually got to vend for a little while after some people jumped ship and left an open table!), and just yesterday Second Saturday at McMartin Reality's Park-Your-Art.

At the McMartin Reality's Park-Your-Art event the Sacramento Craft Mafia TOOK OVER the place! We had at least 8 members vending, which was craftastic. I managed to sell plenty of my new marble magnets. They seem to be a real hit, so stay tuned and look out for me next month when I have clay food magnets maybe? Who knows what I'll come up with.

Take a look at all these lovely ladies from the SCM who helped take over Park-Your-Art.

I hope to see you at next Second Saturday's PYA @ McMartin Reality!

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MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, empathize with your blog.
Linking to your blog, please.


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