Thursday, May 15, 2008

Professional? Maybe.

Hello All!

The semester has come to a full and complete close. Therefore, I will have more time to dedicate to my craft and business- HELLO SUMMER!

I am starting a new real job at Apple come June 2nd, but in the long run I will have more time to commit to what I love best CRAFTS!

A few weekends ago at Park-Your-Art I debuted my more professional booth (see pictures to the left). With the help of my glorious girlfriend (Justine) I chose a color scheme to focus on and make my items and signage look more cohesive. Teal/Turquoise and brown are my new "Team Colors," as KateDana of Kukaru says. Which I think came out great. The signs took me the longest to finish as I grueled over my laptop for hours getting colors and patterns and graphics all correct, but my time and patience paid off to my liking. For more pictures of the new and improved Charming Booth, please go to my Flickr.

Through this show I have come to the conclusion that people LOVE magnets. Last month, I began making marble magnets with scrapbooking paper and magazine cut outs, and they have been a hit at Baz Biz and PYA. Therefore, I will be making--- dare I say polymer clay food magnets? I WILL! So keep a look out. Also, keep an eye out for a website coming soon for Charming Co.

Till next time lovelies!

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