Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Working on my fitness

Guess what I did over the weekend? 

No, not that.

Fine I'll tell you. If you know me in real life, you may already know that I love infomercials. When I lived alone down in Southern California, I spent most Sunday mornings in bed watching them and laughing. Infomercials are funny end of story and I always found myself pondering, "Who actually orders this crap?!" Apparently, I DO.

I ordered the at home fitness workout DVD set called P90X off of an infomercial! If you don' know what that is... Google it. It's an intense workout and I've been surfing the Internet trying to find real life reviews. Not the kinds that are planted online by the company itself, but real live people blogging about their experience. I happened to find a few and the reviews are mixed. 

The reviews and some blogs are a little discouraging but hey I've already lost eight pounds so far this year counting calories. Plus, I only have less than three months until we leave for Mexico so this is crunch time baby (haha no pun intended). 
Our P90X dvd set should be delivered in a few days; UPS says March 22nd at the latest. Now we only have to shell out $100 more bucks to get the needed equipment. This isn't a cheap transition I'll tell you that, but hopefully it will be well worth it when I'm squeezing into cute shorts and lounging around the beach in Mexico. 

Happy Tuesday!

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