Monday, June 1, 2009


Hey everyone. Believe it or not I'm alive. I know I haven't been updating frequently and it's because a whole bunch of stuff has gone down in my little world in the past two weeks.

The Spring '09 semester came to a close, to which I managed to pull off a 3.75 GPA and make it on to the Dean's Honor List AGAIN! I had a full load too, I'm talking 19 semester units and 6 classes. Whew. Thank God that's over.

Summer is here and the weather has been so nice (minus today's weird overcast). A few weeks ago I found out that Apple would not be hiring me on after my internship resulting in panic attacks and mini breakdowns worrying about how I'm going to survive this summer being unemployed. The following week I landed a job working for the State of California Dept. of Justice Treasury as a Research assistant. (Say that three times fast.)

This past week has been rather relaxed for me as I went camping with my family for Memorial Day for our annual camping get together. I worked part time for Apple, very part time in fact and spent my afternoons snuggling with puppies and pining for the Sims 3 release which is tomorrow. I have been focusing more on my future career plans and have laid low on the craft front, but did however manage to make it to Maker Faire this past weekend with the love of my life on our 6 year anniversary. I'm still doing the pet craft thing but I'm slowly turning it into a hobby instead of a form of business. Future plans of attending Second Saturdays and maybe a craft show here and there are still in the works, but nothing too serious.

I have found my calling in graphic and web design and I want to embrace it completely and I believe that making crafts a main priority would only postpone my career plans. For all my crafty friends out there, don't turn your backs on me just yet, I still have lots of crafty juices running through my vanes. I just don't want to back myself into yet another craft corner.

Today was my last day working for Apple and I got a brand new Macbook to celebrate. Tomorrow the Sims 3 releases and you might not hear from me again as I will probably not sleep for the next week. Just kidding. I have to sleep because I start my new job on Wednesday.

I'm glad to be back and I hope you are too.


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