Monday, March 9, 2009

S**t Happens

The sun has been shining and the rain has ceased and the backyard is finally dry. The birds are chirping, cats are jumping over the fence to walk across the grass, the boys are allowed outside again.

With the new privileges there is always a rule breaker. Ralphie happens to be that little punk who has to go and do something bad. I was sitting in the living room the other day doing some research for a class when out of no where there was an incredibly strong scent of... poop. Not just regular run of the mill poop, but cat poop. I looked straight at Ralphie, as I noticed it came about when he walked by and plain as day there he was covered in it. Not so much all over his body, but all over his head and face.

I gasped and grabbed my camera to take these pictures. There was a need of proof to show Just when she got home how bad Ralphie is when she's gone. Brutus on the other hand came tromping in with onlya minimal amount of cat poop on him.

Even when he's covered in shit, he's so cute.


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