Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cutesy Kitchen Post

Spring is almost on the way and you know what that means. A good spring cleaning. But once the house is clean I have a feeling there will be more space. And, with more space, more household items will be needed.

If you have more space in the kitchen these following items will surely make a great new addition. I know I want these all in my kitchen.

ElseWares-A place for Independent Art & Design has the cutest and most affectionate salt and pepper shakers.

For $26 these little cuties can be shaking salt and pepper in your kitchen or sitting on the spice shelf hugging and holding each other. Either way these little guys are adorable and for such a cute product affordable as well.

Stupid Idiotic
- A site full of oddities and novelty items. There are tons of strange and kitschy products.

These pizza clippers are perfect for any college student who's diet consists of 75% pizza anyway. Forget the pizza cutting rollers of the past for $20 take yourself into the future. Oh yea, they're dishwasher safe too! Score.


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