Monday, January 19, 2009

Starting Fresh

Well this year has gotten started on the right foot, or so I'd like to hope. I have taken a few small steps in becoming a new and improved me. Even though this is the third week of the year I have walked at least once a week and cut down on the munching. Now, don't let me fool you, I have not set a new years resolution to lose weight. But, instead I have made the resolution to become healthier and more active.

When I set a goal to lose so many pounds and I don't reach that goal, I do feel defeated. So instead of putting myself through the pains of trying to reach a number, instead the goal is more general and has room to evolve and change rather than a set in stone number that I may or may not reach.

Last week I planed on using the Wii Fit to keep myself exercising daily. But, I did not use it daily as planned. I did however take a 2 mile walk in a little under 45 minutes on Thursday, I was proud of myself.

Just yesterday I took another 2 mile walk in 42 minutes to return a rented movie. Today the boys and I took a short walk to the park and back so that was about 1 mile or so. The last bit I decided to jog and the boys did not enjoy that at all. They are now sleeping and pooped. I'm trying to come up with an exercise calendar to keep track of my progress. I don't have work tomorrow, and who knows I might make my own calendar.


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