Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Shut Up

It's raining here in Sacramento, and the rain will continue to come for the next week solid. Which means that the boys cannot go out to play in the backyard. We are all stuck in the house and even though the rain only began yesterday, we are feeling the effects of cabin fever.

Ralphie sits on the couch staring out into the lake forming in the backyard. Every now and then he taps on the window with his paw as if to will the rain to stop. It has to be the cutest thing. While Ralphie stares into the rain, Brutus lays as close as possible to me sleeping. I do not understand how he can sleep 15+ hours in a day. It's insane.

The boys are helping me get ready for the spring semester that starts this coming Monday. They've already opened a package of mechanical pencils and chewed them up for me. Thanks guys for being so helpful.


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