Thursday, December 4, 2008

Owning the Hour

I have known about Etsy Own the Hour, a website to promote Etsy shops and sellers, for a few weeks now. I must admit at first things seemed a little sketchy to me. I was unsure if purchasing a spot for $.50 would bring traffic to my etsy let alone help me sell things.

Yesterday, I broke down and bought two spots in two different hours and let me say I was so excited to see my item up on the page. I could only imagine who else was seeing my item and thinking, "That is a really cute collar." Traffic to my etsy has increased since purchasing a spot. No sales just yet, but it is only the second day Charming Co. has been featured on Etsy Own the Hour.

So, please take some time to check out the site and for all you Etsy sellers out there, purchase a spot! They're only $.50 each for an hour. But, hurry up the spots sell fast.


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