Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big Booties

Not those kind of booties. This holiday season Justine and I plan on giving handmade and baked goods for gifts. The economy in the dumper, our pockets are tight and because I have learned a new skill (crocheting) I cannot wait to whip up a batch of presents.

For last few months I have taught myself how to crochet by watching videos on Youtube and reading tutorials online. I am still a little weary on how to read the patterns, but as far as straight stitches I was kickin' butt. So far, in the last week, I have crocheted three baby scarves, a scarf for myself, and the beginning of a baby blanket.
Yesterday, I took on crocheting... in circles. Yes, circular stitches. I finished an adult slipper in a few hours in between classes and today I finished the other. These slippies keep my toes toasty and feel like I am walking on clouds, or clouds of cushy yarn that is. Justine has already requested I make her a pair for practice.

Along with practicing circular stitches I took on the fiet of crocheting baby booties. Which failed. They turned out to be more like baby clown booties and now I have to find a baby with humongous feet to give them too. Oh well, here's to try number two.

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