Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am alive

Hey there kids. Sorry I have not been around to update lately. I was crocheting my little heart out making gifts for family members. Not to mention I had the worlds worst cold/flu for the last two weeks as well.

I was down and out for the count, but after some much needed rest I am back in action.

I had a glorious holiday with friends and family. My dad changed tradition this year, and yes I was completely thrown off, by having the family open presents at Midnight on Christmas Eve. Usually we wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and open presents Christmas morning. I have to say I was a bit shaken that after 20 years of the old fashion way, my dad of all people became a mover and a shaker and switched it up on us.

This year I was designated, by volunteer, to be the present distributor. I made sure everyone had a gift and we began opening presents in rounds. It was by far the best Christmas I have had in awhile. Not to say that the past one's were in any way bad, but this year felt different. Justine was at my family's this year, instead of our usual "You-do-your-thing" and "I'll-do-mine." We finally did a holiday together. I could not have been more happy.

This holiday I made everyone's gifts. It took about three weeks, but I managed to crochet 5 beanies, 5 dolls, 4 scarfettes, three baby scarves, and one pair of slippers. I embroidered two baby onesies. Sewed 4 wallets, 3 key fobs, 3 crayon rollups and a handy holder rollup for my hairstylist cousin. I even made 6 bars of soap! I felt so accomplished and joyous when everyone opened their gifts and enjoyed them.

Next year will be another handmade holiday and I cannot wait to get a jump on more projects.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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krissy knox said...

Hi Erika Ashley! I found you on Twitter through a search engine, I can't remember which one right now. I mean I found your profile page, and your blog link was there, so I thought I'd come by here. I love your blog! You are the second person I have run into in the past half hour that has take the "handmade pledge" or whatever it is called. I was just wondering about what that was. Do you mind telling me? You can email me at Thanks! I'd really like to know.

By the way, I made all handmade gifts this year also! Well most of them. I gave a very large candle that only cost 75 cents. Right now I am making necklaces out of stones. They're gorgeous. They are semi-precious stones and no pack of stones costs more than $3. The stones are gorgeous -- God's creation and gift to us!

So I am curious, what's the purpose of making homemade? I could see for saving money, and for making a more honey gift. I suppose it would stop polluting up the environment, and spoiling the kids. Just wondered what the organizations purpose was!

Okay, please consider following me back on Twitter. See the address below under my name. Thank you. :)

Krissy :)
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