Monday, October 20, 2008

Etsy Shop Shopping

This weekend was... lets just say it was very eventful weekend. Anyways, to take myself out of a funk that was left from this past weekend I went to a few Etsy shops to get some holiday inspiration.

This year I plan on making and baking all the gifts Justine and I will give to family and friends. We usually do a chocolate dipped basket. Well the basket is not chocolate dipped but all the goodies inside are. So today I started to look for some crafting supplies. A fellow crafter, who I am currently following on Twitter, With Love Designs has a crafty shop and a craft supply shop!

Check out her awesome craft supply shop that I will definitely be purchasing from in the near future.

She has all sorts of stuff from envelopes to gift tags, cello bags, and teeny tiny clothes pins! Everything has a great price and I can't wait to get my shop on. Go take a look at her shop, you will not be dissapointed. Her other Etsy shop, Bemi Designs has nothing but fantastic cards.

This letter pressed card set have to be my favorite.
Just look how colorful and bright.
Adding these to any gift given this holiday season would be the perfect touch.

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