Friday, September 12, 2008

Gettin' my craft on!

As some of you may know, tomorrow will be the second Saturday of the month. Here in Sacramento it's kind of a big deal. Well for crafters and artists at least. I will be at Park-Your-Art hosted by McMartin Realty this month and I cannot wait. I have some new products I will be debuting and even some new packaging and tags! Woohoo! I've been a very busy craftista these last few weeks and I cannot wait to show off what I have been upto.

Just take a look at how productive I've been.
Just the other day I went into my local Michael's store and purchased this Cricut paper cutter. It was only $10 and I figured "Why not?" I've been cutting my tags by hand and it takes ages to cut 100 tags for products. Printing the new tags was easy peasy. Cutting them with this paper cutter not only saved myself frustration but it shaved off loads of time and cut the mess to nearly half! It's a great, cheap and easy tool that will be used for as long as it works! I sure do hope they have more attachments. A scalloped edge would be wonderful for cards and Christmas tags.

Well I hope to see you all at Park-Your-Art!

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