Friday, September 19, 2008

Dog Collar Crazy!

I have a new addiction. I've been thinking of ways to expand my craft horizons and my crafty business. I must admit, I have missed sewing, and my puppies needed some new collars. I've been pondering on what I could start making and what I can put my charming twist on.

What better than pet accessories? Justine and I are more then guilty when it comes to how much we spend on our little boys. Ralphie and Brutus have their own couch, their own beds, toys strewn about all over the house and the backyard. We specifically moved into a house so they could have a yard to play in. Wow, we sound kind of crazy, but none the less we do not have children (yet) and our puppies are like our children.

I found a great tutorial on etsy and started making pet collars. The last few days have been spent sitting in front of the sewing machine, cutting fabric and interfacing and assembling collars. I've tried to make a few leashes, but a little more time spent practicing will do wonders, I'm sure.

The pictures are just a sneak peek at what I've been up to and what will be up on Etsy soon. The collar Brutus is wearing was the very first collar I have ever made! I had to use checkered fabric because Justine has an obsession with everything and anything checkers. She's looked for the past year for a checkered collar with no luck and I surprised her Friday night when she seen both our boys wearing checkered collars.

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