Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm Back!

I had a great time in Puerto Villarta Mexico last week (more pics coming soon) and I have not been able to update because of the move, but now that the internet is set up I'll be able to update more often. Starting today I will try to do a blog a day! (We'll see how long that lasts right?)

Anways, life has been a little hectic lately. Moving sure does take a lot out of a girl and so does shopping! Justine, her cousin, Lisa, and I all had some time off for the move so on Tuesday after all the boxes were put into the new house we went SHOPPING. I took some spending money out of the savings account and bought a rug, new entertainment center and side tables for the living room.

Wednesday was grocery day and slowly but surely everything is finding its way out of boxes and into the new house. The boys are LOVING the backyard. Well Ralphie is at least, Brutus seems to hate going outside and nearly refuses to use the bathroom outside. He still wants to go on peepads in the house. Boo. But, we're working with him. It's just the fact that he's the baby and just turned 1 on Wednesday! *Happy Mom smile*

Tonight there will be massive marble mayhem in the living room---only because the craft room has not been setup yet. I have necklaces and pendants to make. Oh and magnets and clay goodies to make. McMartin Realty's Park-your-art is tomorrow night here in Midtown and I have a lot to get done before the night is through. I just wish I could have stayed off from work a few more days. Boy does having almost 2 weeks off make you no want to go back to work.

Wish me luck!

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