Monday, April 20, 2009

Attack of the Crochet Key Fobs!

A few months ago I purchased a bunch of key fob fasteners and failed to purchase the much needed cotton webbing to make the actual key fobs. After spending endless hours pondering what to do with the hardware, which sat waiting in a plastic baggy shoved far back on a shelf in my craft room, a magnificent idea came to mind. Crochet! Perfect. But, how do I make the straps without a pattern? A few more days of thought and I decided, I'll make one up myself.

I started to crochet simple straps and after many trial and error attempts, I finally had a pattern that I could use time and time again. The following key fobs are the results. Enjoy.

More available in my shop. Customize a key fob is also an option over at my shop. Now I just have to stop crocheting these long enough to write the pattern down.


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