Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello Loves! I know I know, I have been away for a bit. I've been super busy with school (I still have two 10 page papers due within a month!) and I'm getting my fitness on.

Lately, Justine and I have been really talking about having a baby within the next few years (make that 3 to be exact) and in the mean time I need to lose 50lbs to even make that possible. Being overweight and unhealthy and trying to get pregnant while having P.C.O.S. is extremely difficult. Especially when you add on to the fact that both of us lack the other part of the process and so I am fully dedicated to finishing school, losing weight, and getting healthy again so that we can make a family.

Ok enough of the mushy stuff. Because school has taken up much of my time, I still have yet to create all the handmade gifts I plan to give for this holiday season. I have also yet to order the much needed materials to create my new line of collars and leashes. But, I managed to snag a spot in HandBorn which is only a few weekends away! Oh dear me. The weekend before I even planned to go to Disneyland with Justine. So, this means that this weekend and next weekend I will be a collar making machine! Not to mention I have a few days off from school coming up that I will most definitely be using for crafting. So, I am going to order the much needed supplies for my collars and leashes and if you're in Modesto, CA this coming Nov. 29th please stop by and check out my new line!

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Rain said...

I'll see you at Hand Born! :)


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