Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

Well as you all may have noticed I am taking my crafty business in a new direction. I am in no way being wishy-washy, but finally I feel as if I have found my nitch, my place, my purpose in the crafting communitty. I enjoyed sculpting with polymer clay and doing the marble thing. Believe me I have spent many a night glueing images to marbles and adding polymer clay to marbles and so on, but unfortunately those crafts will not get me to the big time craft shows. I will continue to make polymer clay charms and sculptures, but they will not be my main focus for Charming Co.

Instead I have decided to give Charming Co. to the dogs! I am a crazy dog lady and damn proud of it. If you have not noticed (you must not be reading this blog often) I have two cute, upbeat, and crazy puppy babies Ralphie Edwin and Brutus Wayne. They are my everythings and they are where most of my money goes. Brutus needed a new collar and so I set out for a tutorial on how to make a handmade collar. I loved making his so much that I bought a tutorial on mass producing collars and so the venture in dog accessories was started.

After making I don't know about 50+ collars (some assembled and some not yet assembled) I finally have it down and enjoyed every moment. It's somewhat addicting actually. After the collars were complete and the leashes are on their way, I have decided to dust off my baking pans, break out the apron and rolling pin and jump back into baking. Not just regular baking for the house, but baking dog treats and dare I say pupcakes?!

The last week has been dedicated to recipe research, trial and error ingredients and finally successes. I have kept this hush hush to most because if I did fail in my attempts to come up with dog friendly goodies I could just brush them under the rug and continue on my way. I will say though that this weekend at Craftoberfest and PYA, Charming Co. will be debuting baked goods for pups and dogs alike.

So now I say with great confidence, Charming Co. has a new face and that face has a wet nose and slobbery tongue and boy does it feel good to finally find my place in the craft world.

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Ashlee said...

so glad you've found your place in the world of crafting....still looking for mine.

p.s i tagged you on my blog. see my post recent post for the details.


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