Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Computer Crafting

The Internet and online communities give crafting and craft groups a new face and younger crowd.

In a digital age where computers are as common as cars, crafting might seem like an elderly past time, but with online communities thriving, crafts have a new popularity. D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) communities and groups promoting handmade crafts have been popping up all over the Internet. Popular websites such as Craftzine.com and Craftster.org promote the crafting community and inspire younger people to go against trends and innovate their own ideas of "cool."

Groups such as the Craft Mafia started in remote locations and with the aid of the Internet have traveled and started creating more craft groups in other places around the world. Because crafting is considered a hobby and like most hobbies have smaller interest groups in large locations the Internet helps bring people together. The crafting community online has branched from single websites like Craftzine.com to larger, well known sites such as Flickr.com and Yahoo!

Many crafters have blogs to educate and influence others in crafting and D.I.Y. endeavors. Crafters post tutorials as well as helpful hints on starting a craft related business and even other craft related groups. The blogs link to one another creating a web of inspiration to anyone interested in knitting to scrap booking to handmade lotions and soaps.

Crochet is no longer considered something Granny used to do to pass time, but now has a new outlook thanks to amagarumi (tiny crocheted dolls) that is taking storm over the online crafting community. Younger crafters are becoming more interested in making their own clothes, accessories, and anything else they can come up with because the Internet brings them to others that share their same passion for creating.

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