Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I feel so utterly zapped today. For example, I woke up at 6:40am and usually I'm up a little earlier than that on school days. This morning my bed seemed so comfy, my puppies snuggled extra close because the windows were open and the warmth from under the covers felt comforting and more pleasant than usual.

Ralphie's been doing this weezy, hacking, coughing, choking kind of thing and I've been worried about him. I've been stressing about getting my new project done and getting ready to have a big craft vending weekend. Last night I climbed into bed, snuggled up to Justine and let my mind slip into sleep, but unfortunately only bad dreams came to mind. A car crash, rotten teeth, and missing puppies plagued my dreams. You know that sleep where your eyes are closed and in your mind your calculating how much time is left to sleep. That was my mind. Constantly going over this coming weekend, classes, and puppy problems.

I woke up more exhausted then when I went to sleep. Certainly not what I expected, but here I sit in my ComS 190 class completely tuning out. Day dreaming about sewing, fabric shopping, perfecting my craft. Crafts are my escape and sometimes my cryptonite. Although, I may not be listening in class right now, this is my process of learning. Learning about myself, learning about my future, learning about my life.

A tired mind is still a mind and minds are meant for molding.

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