Monday, September 29, 2008

Button Bracelet Tut

I have a bunch of bracelets and a ton of old buttons my mom gave me when she gave me her sewing machine. Some are big and gaudy, while others are simple and cute. What better to do then mix them both together and make a vintage button bracelet?! And make a tutorial on how to do so!


What you'll need:
-Buttons (old or new)
-A bracelet (this one is perfect for adhering buttons, marbles, anything really)
-Diamond Glaze

Step 1: Glue buttons to other buttons
-Start by gluing some buttons to each other. This step is optional if you do not wish to have stacked buttons. Here you can see I have dabbed a drop of glue to the large button and placed a half cut plastic pearl button on top. Allow the glue to dry before going to next steps.

Once the glue has hardened and is completely dry you can now glue them to the bracelet.

Step 2: Gluing buttons to bracelet.
-Place glue on the bracelet's flat link and hold button firmly against link for approximately 30 seconds. The glue will not harden fast so make sure to not let your fingers slip. If your grasp does slip and the button moves simply add a little more glue to the back and let dry. Sometimes I just flip the bracelet around and let the bracelet lay on the button while drying.

Repeat step 2 with as many buttons needed to complete bracelet.

This is the finished product. A cute and vintage flair to your outfits.


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