Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brand Spankin' New

Welcome everyone to my brand spankin' new blog.

Here I will post about my small business, Charming, as well as my most passionate hobby. CRAFTS.

So now a little history about who I am, Erika Ashley.

I was born in Redwood City, CA on March 1st, 1988. I know I'm "young" but quiet honestly I am a very old soul. I listen to 50s and 60s and a little 70s music. I have a deep love for Elvis Presley and if you asked me I think the 1950s-60s were the greatest era ever. I must have lived then in a past life. I started to craft at a young age, and I have always been very creative. Growing up I constantly heard from teachers, "Erika's such a bright girl, and so creative with everything she does." I used to think this was a cop out instead of them really telling my parents I talk too much and doodle all the time instead of paying attention in class. Who would have known it paid off?

As a younger teenager, (I still have four more days till I'm twenty) I crafted. Even though its not like I do now, I put some great school projects together and made every one "Ooh" and "Aww" with my paper cutting and gluing skills. I have always made a lot of my own earrings because everything in stores seemed over rated and mass produced. Nothing had charm. Now, charm is a big word for me because it has so many meanings. Someone can be charming and suave. Or they can be charming and cute. They might even have a charm to them. See what I mean?

Anyways, I did jewelry making for a while; I specialize in earrings, but my latest and greatest passion is Polymer Clay. Anything and everything polymer clay. I am completely self taught because even though I live in a "big city" there doesn't seem to be an outlet for polymer clay or clay sculpting. Or I might not be looking in the right places, but none the less I love it. My big kick right now are sculptures and image transfer pendants. I'm working on my technique, because even though I bought two different tutorials on how to do it. I still can't seem to get things right.

Oh big news! I recently got a consignment deal with Grind & Groove here in Midtown, Sacramento, CA. I'm working on getting my display all ready but it should be done by this Friday (Feb. 29) So hopefully my charms and necklaces will be ready for their premiere on my birthday Saturday! So for all you readers out there in Sacramento, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go see my stuff. It would be a really great birthday present for you to go on down and take a gander at my goods. And, the other awesome art and wares sold at G&G.

Thank you all for the support. I will post soon with pictures of my most recent en devours!

Until then,
Peace and Hair Grease.

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